Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm new....

yes, I'm a new blogger.

I started this blog like a year ago, I just wanted to write about this that happened to me and used it in a psychological way to let go all the crap that surrounded me. It worked but I realize I could do more of this and use it to know people and promote my work, so that's what my blog is all 'bout now.

But I'm new doing this, I'm not that good taking pictures n the camera that I have is broken so 'til I get that fix I'm not gonna have pics of my work on this blog. I'll try to get that fix this week so I can show my little creations for Sunday's flea market.

I'm adding today a few links to some of my favorite blogs that helped me, after I quit my job, to realize this is what I want to do, n still give me inspiration every day to move on.: Miss James, Holly, Elsie, Leigh-Ann, Jessica n more. Girls if you get to read this: THANX!

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P.D.: I wanna apologize if my english it's not that good. Spanish is my main language and this is the first time that I document my life in english.

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vol25 (jess) said...

wow... Thanks so much for that! :) I am totally flattered that I could inspire and help you along. :)


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