Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Golfish n my family...

So, a few weeks ago I finally cover my old ugly tattoo, with my dream goldfish. It was really painful but totally worth it. In the beginning I wanted it all in black n shadows, but the tattoo artist made me change my mind and I decided to get it full colors.

Now, when it comes to tattoos, for me they all needs to have a meaning, I cannot get a tattoo just for the sake of getting one.

That's why this goldfish had to be perfect.

Since I was really young they've been around me and my family. I think I've mention this before, but my mom and dad got divorce when I was just a baby and there has been lots of conflict in my life ever since.

So when I was little on my mom's house we used to had a big fish tank with lots of goldfish and then when I was in middle school my dad bought a big fish tank at his place and started getting goldfish until now. So, for me, even if they don't get along or whatever I feel this goldfish are something that I've had from both... and I see it as a link.

Every time I think about it or see a goldfish I remember those days and think about my really dysfunctional family and how much I love them all despite all the issues we've had.

Do you have any stories for a tattoo?

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